Tuesday, 7 June 2016

London Attractions To Visit From Buckingham Palace

To those planning to visit London, Buckingham palace is one of the most popular attractions in the city that you should visit. This is the most famous royal palace in England, and it is the official home for Queen Elizabeth II. The Buckingham palace is open to the public during summers, and you can learn more about the England’s Royal family. However, it is worth noting the three other popular London attractions that you can visit during your trip in London touristtube.com.

Westminster Abbey

This is one of the popular London attractions that you can visit from Buckingham palace.  This is actually one of the most stunning churches in London that you should consider visiting. When you visit London, Westminster Abbey will give you an opportunity to see the burial ground for England Kings, musicians, poets and statesmen among other prominent people in England.

Tower of London

This is another famous attraction site to go for an amazing view from Buckingham palace when you visit London. The tower of London is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has varying history to the people of England. Here you also get an opportunity to see the scepter, plate, and the two largest cut diamonds in the world. If you want to learn more about the medieval palace in from Buckingham palace, then you should visit the tower of London touristtube.com.

British Museum

This is one the oldest museums in England that was founded in 1753. You can easily visit the British museum from Buckingham palace and sample over 71000 interesting objects that were collected by Sir Hans Sloane. If you are a studious and curious person, then British Museum is one of the London attractions that you should visit. The museum is actually a home of the most interesting objects throughout the history of humanity.

The London Eye

When you Visit London, make sure you have visited the London Eye for the most amazing view. You can easily visit the London Eye from the Buckingham palace. The London eye is actually one of the popular London attractions since Queen Victoria’s great exhibition, and it receives over three million visitors annually. The London Eye is a place to go when you visit London, and you will get an opportunity to view the entire city from one place touristtube.com.

The National Gallery

The National Gallery is actually one of the interesting London attractions that you need to visit in your trip to England. If you thought that the Buckingham palace is the only place where you can get elements of national importance in London, then you should consider visiting the National Gallery. Here you have the opportunity to sample some important painting dating as early as the 13th century. When you Visit London, this is actually one of the places where you can see and learn everything about the European art.
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