Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Embrace France At The Paris Eiffel Tower

A visit to France might be considered incomplete without a tour of the Paris Eiffel Tower or la tour Eiffel as the French translates it. The la tour Eiffel was named after Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, a French Engineer, who owned the firm that designed the tower and was also responsible for its building. It was opened in March 1889 while its construction started in January 1887.

The monument is located at the Champ de Mars on Anatole Avenue in the French capital of Paris. It sits on the entrance arch to the venue of the World Fair held in France in the year 1889.
The Paris Eiffel Tower holds the record of the tallest structure in the city of Paris and the most-visited monument on earth with a worldwide patronage touristtube.com.

The Features of the Paris Eiffel Tower

The Paris Eiffel Tower has a height equivalent to 81-storey building and measures 324 meters tall. The square base of the tower is 125 meters on each side and was the tallest building until the year 1930 when it was displaced by the New York Chrysler Building. There are three levels on la tour Eiffel and visitors go to the restaurant on the lower and middle floors while the upper floor is the observatory platform touristtube.com.

The Paris Eiffel Tower is the highest building of its kind in the European Union that can be accessed by visitors. There are lifts that take visitors to the first and second floors of the tower except you decide to use the stairs with its more than 300 steps. You need to have Eiffel Tower Tickets to use the lift across the different floors.

The Paris Eiffel Tower Tickets 

Eiffel Tower tickets are on sale online for people who take advantage of such services to plan their visit to this Parisian monument. Eiffel Tower Tickets can also be obtained at the ground floor ticket office at the Paris Eiffel Tower. To beat the queue, buying online is advised.

There are paid tour guide services for Paris Eiffel Tower that can help you plan your journey if you are visiting from outside Paris. You will be provided with details on your trip by the service providers who can arrange booking and lodging for you on request touristtube.com.

Eiffel Tower Tickets guarantees your entrance to la tour Eiffel every day from 09.30 to 23.00 and during summer, the tower doors are open till midnight. This perhaps account for the annual visitors’ tally, which is currently in excess of 6 million. The view of many tourists who come to France is that nobody has come to Paris, until they visit la tour Eiffel.

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